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Stigma as a Barrier to Treatment-Seeking

Jenny Horch has been interested in stigma as a barrier to treatment seeking for problem gamblers. A recent study examined whether problem gambling is a stigmatized condition and compared it to several other mental and physical health conditions in a University population. Results showed that problem gambling does appear to be stigmatized when measured objectively, in keeping with previous research where both the public and problem gamblers subjectively perceived problem gambling to be stigmatized. 


Self-Help Treatment for Problem Gamblers

Two years ago Dr. Hodgins conducted a Minimal Treatment study designed to study the effects of brief, minimal and self-help workbook treatments on problem gamblers across Canada. For more information on this study please look at the Self Help Treatment Study link. Currently a 2 year follow-up is being conducted on the participants of the minimal study to see the longitudinal effects these treatments have had on the participants gambling behaviours.

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